Spandan Issue #1

Spandan Issue #1

Editor : Dr. Saurabh Shrivastava, Professor, Department of Community Medicine and Faculty Advisor of the Debate and Literature Club
Moderator : Arul Anand (Genezens 2014)
Design & Layout : Shriee Hari B S (Immaculates 2016)
Spandan Representatives : Khavya AR (Xanthrones 2017) and SrinidhiiMurugappan (Warriors 2015)

The Debate and Literature Club of SSSMCRI launched an E-magazine 'Spandan' - Rhythmic words from Arrhythmic Hearts! on 19th February 2019. The magazine comprises of creative contributions from all the stakeholders, including UG students, PG students, and Faculty members. The magazine is released 3 times a year and till date 3 issues have been released. The next issue is slated to release in March-April 2020.

Given below are some of the topics on which we would love to hear from you!

  • Stories: Whether micro or macro, we want you to embellish our magazine with your own ideas of any genre!
  • Poesy: Wake up the Wordsworth in you! Start practically employing your poetic license.
  • CCR: Tired of CCR'ing the prescriptions in pharmacology? Rejuvenate your neurons by CCR'ing a movie of your choice! (Any language, any genre)
  • Book bulk: What makes up the bulk of your book? Tell us!
  • Four Legged Love: Do you own a pet which is too cute to handle? Drench us in its cuteness! (Also you can write about your Finned or Feathered love)
  • Bon appétit: From Street foods to Star hotels, food is always food! Write about your favourite food place so that your co-foodies can also enjoy them!
  • Abiotic soulmate: Not that everything you cherish is live! Be it souvenirs, gifts or even toys, write about your favourite possessions with a pic of it. (The Bike lovers, please take a note of it)
  • Travelogue: Have you visited any place that's totally breathtaking? Then, take us along and let's travel all together!
    • Exclusive Interview of one faculty member to explore their academic, professional and personal life.
    • 'Words of Wisdom' and literary master-pieces from eminent faculties and emerging writers of our esteemed Institution
    • Blog posts
    • 'Humans of SSSMCRI' and know more about the unsung heroes who complete our Institution.
    .....and the list is non exhaustive.


Submission Guidelines:
  1. Any language is accepted because we believe in secularism.
  2. No boundaries on word limit or genre.
  3. Articles are requested to be submitted on before the 5th of August, 2019.
  4. The editor reserves the right to publish.

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Yours sincerely, respectfully & creatively,
The D & L Team