Mentor Mentee Program


Mentor Mentee Program is an essential component for a successful career as it bridges the gap between the faculties and students. Mentoring provides students emotional and instrumental support, guidance, encouragement and better environment in college. A mentor plays a vital role in nurturing students and has a positive impact on students’ persistence and academic achievement. A mentee can approach his / her mentor for both educational and personal guidance. It is conducted to help the students to strengthen their varied capabilities and to build an interpersonal relationship between the faculties and students.

Mentoring System

Mentoring mentee system at SSSMCRI is a structured programme in which each faculty is assigned with the task of mentoring about 8-10 students. First year students will have mentors from first year departments, when they move on to subsequent years they will be detached from the preceding mentors and attached to succeeding faculty from that particular year. SSSMCRI has extended the mentorship program to CRRI’s and postgraduate students. For the smooth process all mentors are provided with mentoring log book to keep a confidential comprehensive record of their mentees activities, academic and co-curricular achievements. During the interaction, Mentors document their observations and also develop a shared action plan to guide the students to enhance their professional growth. In addition, at the end of each academic year, mentors once again, assess their mentees and a final report is submitted to the Dean

Mentor Mentee Program Coordinator
Dr Balaji Rajagopalan, Professor & Head Department of Biochemistry