Complaints Suggestion Portal

Complaint / Suggestion Portal

Every healthcare organization/ hospital that provides a service welcomes feedback, as it helps reinforce what the organisation is doing well and highlights areas where they can do better. If you are unhappy with the way you were treated in hospital, you have the right to complain and to have your concerns acted on.

When to give feedback or complain

You can make a complaint if you feel that you:

  • were not given satisfactory healthcare
  • were not treated with dignity and respect
  • were not given adequate information about services or treatments, including costs, so that you could make an informed choice
  • were not given access to information about your healthcare when you asked for it
  • did not give consent and your health information was shared inappropriately with others
  • Had your privacy breached.

Speak directly with the healthcare professional

Try to talk with the person you have an issue with about your concerns. This is the quickest and often the easiest way to address an issue. In your conversation, outline your concerns and how the incident or issue has affected you. It may be a misunderstanding or something more serious.

Speak with someone representing the hospital

If you feel talking directly to the healthcare professional has not helped improve the issue, or you are uncomfortable with this approach, you can make your complaint to the hospital officials.

Make your complaint in writing and let them know how you would like the situation resolved addressed to Medical Superintendent / Deputy Medical Superintendent through e-mail: ms@sssmcri.ac.in;


Contact Telephone Number: 044 27440700