Billing and Payment

Billing and Payment


  • Charges on investigations, operation theatre will differ according to the room/bed category.
  • There will not be any additional charges for doctor’s fee, monitoring, special equipment, medicines, consumables, etc.
  • To keep track, interim bills will be submitted within twenty-four hours of receipt.
  • In exceptional cases you require to be discharged immediately, a suitable deposit will be collected by the billing office. This amount will be adjusted against the final bill.


  • The deposit will be collected at the time of admission or latest within 24 hrs of admission. The amount of such deposit will depend upon the category of room and surgery to be performed. The deposit amount will be adjusted either against the interim bill or against the final bill at the time of discharge.
  • Under no circumstances will admission deposit be exempted.
  • The interim deposit will be collected, if the total expenditure exceeds or is expected to exceed the admission deposit.
  • OT Consumables and medicine charge is to be compulsorily paid prior to surgery.