Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Insititute

Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute

(A Unit of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth Deemed to be University)



  1. On 8,9,10-07-2019 Competence based medical education work shop and Mobile data capture work shop were held in the university premises overviewed by Dr.Abdul Azeez (PG),Dr.Varshini (PG),Dr.Mano Leoni Divya(PG)
  2. On 19.07.2019 Evidence based medicine workshop was held in the university headed by Dr.s.gurumani and Dr.S.Valli for which 2 credit hours from the Tamil nadu medical council
  3. On 11.08.2019 Laryngo tracheoplasty hands on workshop was held which was attended by Dr.S.Valli at MENTS HOSPITAL , BANGALORE
  4. On 28.07.2019 Dr.Deepthi Das(PG), Dr.Mano Leoni Divya (PG),Dr.Abdul Azeez(PG) attended a CME at International MERF academy on The current concepts in the management of Head and Neck Cancer where 4 credit hours were given by the Tamilnadu medical council
  5. On 13,14,15-09-2019 AAVAI 2019 ENT state conference was attended by Prof.Dr.S.Gurumani,Dr.Deepthi Das (PG),Dr.Divya mano leoni (PG) and 1Paper presentation under Free paper catogery on the topic AN INTERESTING CASE OF TONGUE SWELLING : GRANULAR MYOBLASTOMA by Dr.Mano Leoni Divya was done,9 credit hours were given by Tamilnadu medical council.
  6. On 21.09.2019 around 50 people participated in an AWARENESS ON HEARING LOSS Public health lecture series where speeches and awareness about maintaining proper ear hygiene and how to go about prevention and precautions to be taken to prevent hearing loss.
  7. On 30-09-2019 WORLD DEAFNESS DAY Poster presentation was conducted where 20 students participated and won prizes,the judges were Dr. Abdul khadher (HOD department of Orthopedics),Dr.Lalith Kumar (HOD department of General Surgery ) and Dr. Raj Kumar (HOD department of Peadiatrics)