Plastic Surgery

Department of Plastic Surgery

Department of Plastic Surgery has been fully functional since november 2019. Department caters to the needs of providing care round the clock for both inpatients and outpatients. The team aims to deliver quality care for both reconstructive and aesthetic procedures at utmost standards for the enhancement of individuals in a comfortable and friendly environment and help them gain their body confidence. The department is dedicated to helping people restore the form and function impaired due to trauma, cancer and congenital diseases. Services provided include hand reconstructive and corrective surgeries, breast reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries ,cosmetic surgeries, burns, pediatric plastic surgery, nerve injuries, facio-maxillary surgeries, congenital ( cleft lip and palate )repairs, microvascular and limb reconstructive surgeries. superior quality and outcome oriented care is provided as a part of multi disciplinary team approach with other specialities.


  • Outpatient Department – situated in ground floor There is access to Hospital Information system.
  • Minor operation Theatre – For performing minor procedures on an OPD basis.
  • Operation Theatre – We are allocated Operation Theatre in the second floor OT complex for both elective and emergency procedures.
  • Post operative ward – spacious ward situated in the second floor serves as a high dependency unit for the immediate postoperative patients with dedicated staff present round the clock.
  • Separate Male and Female wards – located in the second and third floor respectively with a staff nurse, monitors and adequate facilities for the admitted patients.

Services Available

SSMCRI being the most comprehensive multi-specialty tertiary care center is fully equipped to treat all the plastic surgery problems like


Tendon repair & reconstruction, Nerve and artery  repair & reconstruction, Hand fracture surgery, Tendon transfer surgeries, Hand infections, Hand deformities- burns/leprosy/rheumatoid arthritis/ Dupuytren’s disease., Vascular anomalies- hemangioma, AV fistula, Hand soft tissue defect reconstruction, Compression neuropathies- carpal tunnel syndrome,Congenital defects-syndactyly / polydactyly.,


Cancer defect reconstruction (Abdomen, chest, leg, hand), Cancer breast reconstruction, Head & neck cancer reconstruction (Lip, Cheek, Eyelid, Nose and ear, Scalp)


Head n neck- cleft lip & cleft palate, Genitalia- hypospadias, Ear – microtia, Hand- syndactyly/polydactyly, Hemangioma (face, lip, ear), Sternal cleft, Meningomyelocoele, Torticollis / webbed  neck


Thermal burns injury, Post-burn deformity   correction/reconstruction, Electrical injuries, and  Chemical burns


Liposuction   (body contouring), Abdominoplasty (tummy tuck surgery), Gynecomastia(male breast correction), Rhinoplasty  (nose correction), Blepharoplasty (eyelid correction), Facelift ( aging face correction), Breast surgery (reduction  & augmentation), Lip correction


Hand injuries, Foot & leg defect reconstruction, Nerve injuries (Facial nerve, peripheral nerve injuries), Facial injuries (Nose, eyelid, ear, cheek defects), Facial fractures (Mandible/zygoma/maxilla/orbit fractures)


Diabetic ulcer, Pressure sore, Lymphedema wounds, Cancer radiation ulcers, Chronic nonhealing wounds, Arterial &venous ulcers


Keloid treatment, Scar treatment ( hypertrophic scars, stretched scars….), Mole excision (facial moles), Flap surgeries and skin grafting, Fat grafting, Lymphedema surgery, Facial palsy, Vascular   anomalies ( facial hemangioma)

Undergraduate Training

After exposure to basic subjects, Plastic surgery department faculty, teach and train undergraduate students about the common problems which requires plastic and reconstructive surgeries. For medical undergraduates, series of essential plastic surgery topics are dealt in the form of didactic Lectures, deliberation and demonstration, during their routine academic sessions.

Postgraduate Training

General Surgery Residents are posted in rotation at the Department of Plastic surgery. During this period, they are exposed to various OPD patients, follow rounds in the wards and attend cases in the operation theatre. They are taught about the emergency and trauma cases management and various plastic surgery procedures. Unique cases are also discussed in clinical society meetings held everymonth .

Superspeciality Training

The department is fully equipped for training the MCh plastic surgery residents .We have the scope of starting the superspeciality training programme in near future

On Going Research Topics

A comparative study between vaccum assisted closure and daily dressing in chronic non healing ulcers.