We, the department of Otorhinolaryngology with dedicated faculties and hard working staffs perform our daily professional duties diligently in an ambience of state-of –art infrastructure at our Department of Otorhinolaryngology.

Patient care by joining hands with all Departments and Sister Concerns (MGMC, IGMC, ICGNC) under the umbrella of SBVU enables us to attain the zenith of excellence with utmost Curiosity, Creativity and Confidence in the process of transforming us into an Ethical, Professional, Diplomatic And Lively Human Beings, with high spirits in the long run. All the above blend of opportunities are experienced and cherished at our Department of Otorhinolaryngology SSSMCRI.

We strongly believe in our practice of conglomerating our culture, traditional values with sophisticated knowledge and clinical skills flavoured with a humane touch offering the best services possible to our patients with utmost care.


Our infrastructure encompasses

1. Departmental library

The library is well equipped with over 130 books in ENT surgery and allied specialties. It remains up-to date with all recently published books and journals. It is readily accessible by the faculty and students

2.Temporal bone lab

The temporal bone lab is equipped with operating microscope, temporal bone holder, operating drill and burrs and suction apparatus. Postgraduates regularly hone their temporal bone dissection skills here and faculty frequently demonstrate the finer aspects of the art of temporal bone dissection.

3.State-of-the-art operating equipment

The operation theatre boasts the latest in high-end equipment including camera and monitor, along with zero and 70 degree rigid nasal endoscopes for endoscopic sinus surgery and its extended applications. We also have an operating endo-laryngoscope with Kleinsausser suspension system for advanced laryngeal surgeries, Zeiss operating microscope for advanced ontological surgeries and Xomed micro-debrider with nasal and laryngeal blades.


  1. On 8,9,10-07-2019 Competence based medical education work shop and Mobile data capture work shop were held in the university premises overviewed by Dr.Abdul Azeez (PG),Dr.Varshini (PG),Dr.Mano Leoni Divya(PG)
  2. On 19.07.2019 Evidence based medicine workshop was held in the university headed by Dr.s.gurumani and Dr.S.Valli for which 2 credit hours from the Tamil nadu medical council
  3. On 11.08.2019 Laryngo tracheoplasty hands on workshop was held which was attended by Dr.S.Valli at MENTS HOSPITAL , BANGALORE
  4. On 28.07.2019 Dr.Deepthi Das(PG), Dr.Mano Leoni Divya (PG),Dr.Abdul Azeez(PG) attended a CME at International MERF academy on The current concepts in the management of Head and Neck Cancer where 4 credit hours were given by the Tamilnadu medical council
  5. On 13,14,15-09-2019 AAVAI 2019 ENT state conference was attended by Prof.Dr.S.Gurumani,Dr.Deepthi Das (PG),Dr.Divya mano leoni (PG) and 1Paper presentation under Free paper catogery on the topic AN INTERESTING CASE OF TONGUE SWELLING : GRANULAR MYOBLASTOMA by Dr.Mano Leoni Divya was done,9 credit hours were given by Tamilnadu medical council.
  6. On 21.09.2019 around 50 people participated in an AWARENESS ON HEARING LOSS Public health lecture series where speeches and awareness about maintaining proper ear hygiene and how to go about prevention and precautions to be taken to prevent hearing loss.
  7. On 30-09-2019 WORLD DEAFNESS DAY Poster presentation was conducted where 20 students participated and won prizes,the judges were Dr. Abdul khadher (HOD department of Orthopedics),Dr.Lalith Kumar (HOD department of General Surgery ) and Dr. Raj Kumar (HOD department of Peadiatrics)
Out-patient Services

The out-patient unit is located in the first floor of the hospital, OPD number is 16. The OPD is led by the team comprising of competent faculty, senior residents under the guidance of the Head of the Department.  Exclusive room is available for endoscopy and speech therapy .Diagnostic nasal endoscopy , video-laryngoscopy and Oto-endoscopy. Full time audiologist and speech therapist are available

The department also runs the special clinics where we conduct various special clinics Allergy Clinic- monday, Headache Clinic-Tuesday, neuro-otology Thursday, Cancer Clinic-saturday.

Surgical Procedures

Routine ENT procedures like Tonsillectomy, Septoplasty, SMR, Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries (FESS), otology surgeries, Head and Neck Surgeries etc., are performed by the experienced team of consultants assisted by senior postgraduates.

Audiology and Speech Therapy

Our audiologist is also well-trained in performing these tests. Neonatal deafness screening is also done regularly. Our audiology room is up to date with all available equipment.  Digital audiometry, Oto-acoustic emissions and BERA services are available in the department, the audiology and speech therapy department works in coherence with department of ENT for better patient care.

Outreach Services

Sai camp and various outreach camps are conducted routinely by the   department. Patients are screened and referred to main hospital. School camp and general camps are organised by department at regular intervals. Free consultation and medications are given to the benificiaries. Pamphlets in local language about health education in ENT are also given. Regular ENT camps are being organised in and around the outskirts of Kancheepuram twice weekly.

Post Graduate Training

Post graduate course was started in department in 2016.post graduate passed out in 2019 as university gold medalist.1 seat was increased to 3 M.S E.N.T seats from 2019.1 seat got recognized in 2019.Post graduates are subjected to case presentation, journal clubs , subject seminars, etc. These teaching programmes for the month are planned in advance and are conducted in the afternoons.

All postgraduates are encouraged to present papers in state level conferences and they are also encouraged to do publications in indexed journals.

Curriculum Update

The curriculum for undergraduates and postgraduates was modified in the year 2009, in view of the emerging treads, recent advances as well as common surgical problems in this geographic locate. It was redesigned by faculty of ENT department under the auspices of board of studies.

Undergraduate Training

The undergraduate training is by large group teaching, seminars and case presentations. Undergraduates are encouraged to participate in intercollegiate quiz conducted by various other institutions. They are also actively involved in school health camps. Undergraduate students are also encouraged to participate in various international health days like world deafness week. World hearing day, world voice day and paediatric ENT month. Students routinely attend operation theatre. Students are also assessed periodically by clinical and theory tests. Parent teachers meeting are conducted twice a year.

Best practice of the Department of ENT
1. Hand outs in Tamil for migraine

Dr. S Gurumani
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Dr. Ram Deepak
  1. Published a paper titled in the International journal of otorhinolaryngology and head and neck surgery. IJOHNS, volume 5, issues 5, 2019. Titled “A prospective study of prevalence of kuhns frontal cells and their relation to frontal sinus disease.
  2. Presented a paper on “NECK AND TOTAL BODY FAT DEPOSITION IN NON-OBESE AND OBESE PATIENTS WITH SLEEP APNOEA COMPARED WITH THAT IN CONTROL SUBJECTS” in IASSACON national conference on obstructive sleep apnoea, Held in march 2018.
  3. Presented a paper titled “A prospective study of prevelance of kuhns frontal cells and their relation to frontal sinus disease” in south zone ENT conference AOI SOUTH CON held in October 2018 , Mandya.
  4. Presented a poster titled on “A RARE CASE OF LIPOMA HARD PALATE” in south zone ENT conference held in Mandya, Karnataka in oct 2018
  5. Presented a poster on “The prevelance of kuhns frontal cells and their relation to frontal sinus disease” organised by shri balaji vidhyapeeth university in jan 2019.
  6. Presented a case of oral malignancy in MIST 2019 on feb 2019 organised and felicitated by MGMC,JIPMER,MMC faculties of general surgery, otorhinolaryngology and surgical oncology.


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Treatment outcome of turbinoplaty vs partial turbinectomy for inferior turbinate hypertrophy

Dr.Divya Mano Leoni

Dr.S.Gurumani (HOD)








Role of pure tone audiometry in assessing ossicular status in patients with mucosal type of chronic otitis media

Dr.Deepthy Das

Dr.S.Gurumani (HOD)







Noise pollution and associated hearing loss in a metropolitan city


Dr.S.Gurumani (HOD)



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