course commencement Day

Inauguration Day

The inauguration day marks the course commencement of the students who have opted for pursuing their under-graduation course at SSSMCRI. On this auspicious day, the students along with their parents are invited to come and attend the Course Commencement Ceremony. The students complete their formalities and then all of them assemble in an auditorium in the presence of Honorable Vice Chancellor, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth. In addition, various other officials like Registrar, Dean Research, Dean, Vice Principal – Curriculum & Vice Principal – Student Affairs also attend the function.

The students and parents are oriented about the working and the duties and responsibilities of a medical student and the need for them to be professional in their approach to become a qualified health care professional. Further, 2 of the students are handed over their ID card by the Honorable Madam Chairperson to mark the beginning of their career. In addition, all the students are introduced with all the faculty members of the 3 first year departments. Subsequently, an opportunity is given to 1-2 parents to share their views about the institution and their expectations from the college.