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Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute

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Publications by Dr. Mani Kathapillai
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Publications of Dr. Kafeel Hussain
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Publications of Dr. N. Charanya
  1. Charanya Natarajan, A. Julie Christy , SathialakshmiVajiravel , Saraswathi Perumal, Stature estimation from percutaneous length of Ulna: International Journal of Anatomy and Research, Int J Anat Res 2019, Vol 7(4.1):7046-50. ISSN 2321-4287 DOI:
Publications by Dr. Rajeev Panwar
  1. A rare variation of great saphenous vein: a case report. Int J Anat Res 2018; 6(22):5246-9. doi:10.16965/ijar.2018.169
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Publication of Dr. A. Julie Christy
  1. Julie Christy Amalraj , Andal, Perumal Saraswathi , Swayam Jothi Dorairaj, Dr. G. Sumathy: Maternal Vitamin D Levels in Gestation – An Observational Cross Sectional Study in the Rural Population of South India, International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Science (IJIRMS) Volume 04, Issue 08,August 2019,
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  3. Julie Christy A, Sathialakshmi V :Unilateral two headed plantaris muscle – A rare variation Int J Anat Var Vol 12 No 1 March 2019.
Copyrights from the department
  1. ROC: L-80270/2019, “Modified Saturated Salt Solution Method(MSSS) for Embalming Human Corpse for Cadaver Lab”. MANI KATHAPILLAI, SBVU.
  2. ROC: L-80342/2019, “A New Formula to Predict Adult Femoral Neck Ante Version Angle”. MANI KATHAPILLAI, SBVU.
  3. The copyright proposal of Dr. N.Charanya, “Uyirukku Magudam Sootun Magathaana Dhaanangal (Tamil)”, and dated 14.08.19 has been registered. The diary number (12954/2019-CO/L).

Student Projects

Total number of ICMR projects (2015-2019) – 4 projects
Total Number for SBV funded projects (2015-2019) – 2 projects

Student Funded Projects

ICMR projects by students
  1. Morphological study of fissures lobes and  the bronchial pattern in the lungs – a cadaveric study with emphasis on surgical  and radiological implications, Hemapriya, Guide: Dr. S. Swayam Jothi(2015)
  2. Morphological study & histological changes that takes place in Human Placenta due to anaemia, Nithin Kumar-Guide:Ms.Sujatha (2017)
  3. Correlation of per-cutaneous tibial length with body Height and estimation of stature in south Indian population – Student – Ms. Aishwarya – Guide – Dr. Swayam Jothi (2018)
  4. A morphometric study of lower end of femur & upper end of tibia to know the variations in south Indian population. Student – Ms. Aishwarya Takare – Guide – Ms. Sujatha Nagari (2018) Ongoing
SBV Sponsored projects
  1. Changes that take place in placenta of pregnancy induced hypertension,Sathya Bhushan-Guide: Mr.Rajeshwar Rao (2017). Completed
  2. Anatomic study of Mesentry, Shree Harihara Sudhan, Guide:Swayam Jothi (2017) Completed