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Department of Anatomy

The history of Anatomy Department dates back to 2008, started by our beloved Chairman Mr. C. Rajagopalan with a vision to training young aspiring students in medical field to take care of Health care system in and around Kancheepuram district. Presently the department imparts teaching and training programs in human Anatomy to MBBS and postgraduates of other departments as well.

The department has a Professor, 2 Associate professors, 4 Assistant professors and 2 Tutors supported by well trained technicians and non teaching staff. All faculty members have participated and attended National and Regional conferences and several workshops to update their knowledge and skills. The faculty members of the department have published various papers in National and International journals.

With the inception of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth, the dept. of Anatomy is approved for PhD programme. All the present senior faculty members are approved as post graduate teachers and have vast experience as research guides. The department has a well equipped research lab with Trinoccular and Digital microscope. The department motivates young under graduates to take up small research projects to inculcate an aptitude for research in them. The Anatomy Museum of SSSMC&RI is unique for its state of the art and design equipped with numerous anatomical displays. The sophisticated engineering of the museum which includes glass partition, focus lamps and air conditioning, creates an environment to make one feel empowered with the desire to gain more knowledge. Such a museum is made functional by a diverse collection of charts and models of head & neck, brain, upper limb, lower limb, thorax, abdomen, osteology, radiology, genetics and embryology. Each segment has more than thirty well preserved specimens in jars they are specifically, catalogued with required information to assist the students and visitors. The Hallmark of our Museum lies in the ease of access to students, faculty and visitors during working hours of the college and serves its purpose as an Ideal museum.

Dissection Hall : 325 sq.M

Library cum seminar room : 30 sq.M

Histology Lab : 200 sq.M

Histology Preparation room : 18 sq.M

Research Lab : 50 sq.M

Skill Lab

Library Infrastructure: Total area in sq meters-30 (as per MCI requirements)

Department Museum : The Department has a well planned museum with a display of an array of specimens which serve as an asset to cater to the needs of the visitors, students and school children.


Wet specimens are arranged regions wise

1. Number of specimens -226
2. Unique specimens – 03
3. Models –75
4. Charts – 94
5. Catalogue – 15

Innovative practices

The Department has succeeded in its attempt to create a modified Plastination technique, Cast preparations have been done. The department has 2 unique specimens with Brain & spinal cord with coverings as a single piece. The Dissection Hall is equipped with facilities to embalm.

  1. Location and Measurement of Pineal Gland in Cadavers – Dr. Swayam Jothi S
  2. Location and Measurement of Sella Tursica in Cranial Fossae of Cadavers- Kafeel Hussain A
  3. Study of Morphological Variations of the Thyroid Gland - Kafeel Hussain
  4. A Variations in the Course of the Recurrent & External Laryngeal nerve to the Superior &  Inferior Thyroid.arteries - Swayam Jothi S
  5. Study of Psuedoganglia Present in the Posterior Interosseous Nerve Near the Wrist-Sujatha.N
  6. Correlation Between Arch of Foot and Calcaneal Spur – Eswari A.K
  7. Analysis of Causative Factors for Hyperplastic Epithelium of Appendix-Hemanth Kommuru
  8. Location of Myentric Plexus in the Muscle Coat of Appendix - Swayam Jothi S
  9. Location of Mandibular Foramen and Mental Foramen in Different Age Groups to Give Nerve Block - Sujatha.N
  10. Insular cortex - Hemanth Kommuru
  11. Anatomical Patterns of Transverse Temporal Gyrus in Human Cadavers - Rajeswara Rao N
  12. Gross Anatomical Features of Calcarine Solcus & Its Relation to Parieto-Occipital Sulcus in Visual Cortex - Swayam Jothi S
  13. Hippocampus - A Cadaveric Study – Sujatha N
  14. Opercula of the Submerged Cortex in Cadavers - Swayam Jothi S
  15. Autonomic Ganglia and Plexuses in the Muscle Coat of Appendix - Rajeswara Rao N
  16. Study of the Lymphoid Tissue in Human Appendix – Swayam Jothi S
  17. Histopathological & Immunohistochemical Study of Human Palatine Tonsil” - Sujatha.N
  18. Study of Para Follicular Cells in Normal & Pathological Conditions 0f Thyroid Gland - Kafeel Hussain A
  19. Evolution ofLymphoid Follicles in Appendix – Mr. C.V.Bharath, Swayam Jothi,S.
  20. Myenteric Plexus in the Large Intestine –Bhavani Prasad, Swayam Jothi,S.
  21. Macroscopic and Microscopic study of thymus of pig – Yugesh K, Swayam Jothi S
  22. Certain Morphological features of human scapula of clinical importance - Swayam jothi, Saravanan, Hemanth, Sunita
  23. Morphological study of sacral hiatus - Sathialakshmi, Swayamjothi, Sujatha, Rajeswara Rao
  24. Morphometric and morphological studies of ulna - Sujatha, Rajeswara Rao, Swayam Jothi, Hemanth
  25. Morphometric and morphological study of first rib - Sunita, Swayam Jothi, Kafeel, Sathialaksmi
  1. Presence of Lower Accessory Lobes of The Lungs -- Hemanth Kommuru Swayam Jothi S
  2. Causes for Increased Incidence of Appendicitis During Pubertal and Per Pubertal Aged Males by Histological Study of Appendix - Hemanth Kommuru
  3. Development of the Posterior Horn of Lateral Ventricle and Its Correlation With Calcarine Sulcus & Parieto-Occipital Sulcus - Swayam Jothi S
  4. Search for a Cause in the Faecolith of Appendecectomy Specimens for Correlation With Histopathological Pictures – A Retrospective and Prospective Study – Dr. Anuradha S & Swayam Jothi S
  5. Serosal Covering of Appendix Forming Appendices Epiploicae- A Retrospective & Prospective Study - Swayam Jothi S
  6. Study of Lobulation of the Lungs - Swayam Jothi S
  7. Morphometric Study and Variations of Gall Bladder – Hemanth Kommuru
  8. Autonomic Ganglia and Plexus in the Muscle Coat of Appendix - Rajeswara Rao N
  9. Study about Fat Deposit in Different Layers of the Wall of the Appendix - Swayam Jothi S
  10. Safety in handling embalmed cadavers
  11. Presence of segmental bronchi in accessory lobes of the lungs (Study of accessory lung tissue in the pulmonary ligament. Safety In Handling Embalmed Cadavers - Swayam Jothi
  12. Myocardial Bridges
  13. Study of Cavum Septi Pellucidi, Septum Pellucidum, Corpus Callosum in Neurological Disoders – Swayam Jothi S
  14. PCOD

Details about the CME's conducted

  CME / Clinical meeting:
  Clinical application of stem cell research 12/4/2010 200 SSSMC&RI College External(Dr. V. Dedeepiya Devaprasad, Dr. Solomon, Dr. V. Sankar)
  Pain and its management 26/3/2011 200 SSSMC&RI College External (Dr.Saratha Kathiresan,Dr.A.V. Srinivasan and Dr.S. Ramaswamy)
  Importance of Anatomy in Clinical Practice 3/5/2013 150 SSSMC&RI College External Dr.Johnson Internal Dr Bala subramanian
  Soft skills for Doctors 24/1/2015 150 SSSMC&RI College External Dr.G.S.  Kailash,
  Attitude towards academics and stress management 14/11/15 150 SSSMC&RI College External Dr.Sarma
  Introduction of yoga in Medical curriculum 9/03/16 150 SSSMC&RI college External Dr.Meena Ramnathan Dr. Madanmohan Dr.Anand Balayogi Bhavanani
  Neuro anatomy from the clinician point of view 12/03/16 150 SSSMC&RI college Internal Dr. E.Prbakaran   Dr Bala subramanian

Details about the Workshops conducted

Name of the Event Year & Date Number of Participants Source of Funding Level of Organization N / I / U / C No. of Resource Persons I / E
  Micro teaching 11.10.2011 20 SSSMC&RI College Dr.Swayam Jothi (I)
  Basic course workshop in MET 13,14,15 oct 2011 20 SSSMC&RI College Dr.Swayam Jothi(I)
  Teaching methodology 23-11-2011 24 SSSMC&RI College Internal
  PBL 25.5.12 20 SSSMC&RI College Dr.Swayam Jothi(I)
  Teaching Aids 19-01-2012 25 SSSMC&RI College Dr.Swayam Jothi (I)
  Basic workshop in medical education technologies 24,25,26 April 2012 25 SSSMC&RI College Dr. S.Swayam Jothi(I)
  PBL 25.5.12 20 SSSMC&RI College Dr.Swayam Jothi(I)
  PBL 20-02-2013 25 SSSMC&RI College Dr.Swayam Jothi(I)
  Introduction to Microteaching PBL Assesment & practical skills 20/3/2013 25 SSSMC&RI College Dr.Swayam Jothi(I)
  Research Methodology and Medical Writing   21-05-2015 46 SSSMC&RI College Dr.Swayam Jothi (I)
  Microteaching for Assistant prof. 04/03/2016 17 SSSMC&RI College Dr.Swayam Jothi (I)
  Introduction of yoga in Medical curriculum 9/03/16 150 SSSMC&RI college External Dr.Meena Ramnathan Dr, Madanmohan Dr.Anand Balayogi Bhavanani

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